Are Electronic Disposable Cigarettes Safe? 

Yes.¬†Our Electronic Disposable Cigarettes are free of tar and other harmful substances. It is non-flammable and leaves no “second-hand smoke” so it is harmless to others and pollution-free to the environment. It produces only a safe vapor that is very close to human body temperature. Our Electronic Disposable Cigarettes are also free of any electromagnetic radiation.

Where can I use Electronic Disposable Cigarettes? 

Almost anywhere. Our Electronic Disposable Cigarettes use no flame and it do not release any smoke… only a harmless vapor so it can be used in most public places; restaurants, bars, clubs, offices, airports, you name it.

Do I Need a Lighter? 

There is no need for a lighter or matches with Our Electronic Disposable Cigarettes.

How Do I Turn the Electronic Disposable Cigarettes on? 

Our Electronic Disposable Cigarettes are always ready to go. To activate it, simply inhale on the mouthpiece and the advanced micro technology automatically begins producing vapor. When you are finished inhaling, they automatically return to their off/rest state.

Is There a Guarantee? 

YES….. Our guiding principles are “Quality first, Lowest Prices Guaranteed, 100% Customer Satisfaction.”

What is the Vapor that is Released? 

Our Electronic Disposable Cigarettes produce only a safe vapor that is very close to human body temperature. The vapor is condensation that evaporates into the air within seconds. They leave no visual residue in the air.

Does the Vapor From The Disposable Electronic Cigarettes Smell? 

No. The scent that is released is only an essence held in the Electronic Cigarette.

What Do They Taste Like?

The taste of our standard Electronic Disposable Cigarette resembles that of tobacco, but it feels smoother and cleaner as there are none of the impurities associated with real tobacco.